Michelle Richmond

About Me.

Welcome to our online home.

It is a privilege to be able to share this space with like hearted people.
When I walked into Kipchamgaa Children’s home in 2013, little did I know a few seconds later my heart would be stolen forever.

As soon as I entered the building 30 little people swarmed me like bees to honey, their tiny hands running over my pale skin laughing with curiosity, tussling my straight blonde hair which was completely foreign to them.

Their smiles, their joy, their laughter almost baffled me for children from such dire circumstance, they were happy.

Yes it is true in the quiet hours they may shed their tears and share their fears, but in the fullness of day they were so thrilled to cuddle, dance, sing and play. A far cry from some of the children I knew in Australia.

Within two weeks of arriving in Kenya I had the privilege of being invited to work in the slums with some women who had become sex workers. About 20 of us crammed into a hairdressing salon situated in a very smelly muddy alley, a tiny room painted light blue, with broken lino on the floor and a mirror surrounded by light bulbs, it’s ‘Hollywood style’ made me smile in the midst of such poverty. Their stories of survival wreaked my heart, as did their ability to laugh and sing their way through their adversity.

This was my arrival in Kenya, raw and real, nothing to hide behind, a small glimpse of the world I had entered into.

The Foundation was a gift from a client who wanted to say thank you, so I could further support the people I was now sharing life with. And so my adventure began to support the children and other causes that I and my very supportive team are passionate about.

Each of us have the ability to impact effective sustainable change on the planet by addressing issues such a poverty, slavery, survival of endangered species and environments through love, care, personal empowerment and education.

We can support those more challenged in our societies to reconnect with who they truly are, to believe in themselves and to know they have the power to create a new mind set and a better future for themselves, their families and community.

Building new sustainable foundations, contributing to breaking the cycle of abuse and poverty.

When we each contribute in our own way, big or small, we create waves of change across the planet supporting a better future for our world.

Thank you for being here, if you would like to connect please reach out and do so.

Much love to you

Michelle x