Kipchmagaa Children's Home

Make a Difference

Watch your money transform a child’s life for the better, as you transform the heart of their future and break the cycle of poverty.

Kipchamgaa Children’s Home is based in Kericho, Kenya and currently provides a loving home and education for 53 children who were neglected, abused, exploited, traumatised, discriminated against or abandoned.

When I first became involved in supporting Kipchmagaa, I spent the day with Stella the house mother who loves and cares for all the children.

She is literally an angel in human form, her capacity for love and to manifest everything the children need is extraordinary. She shared her story and theirs and I left with my heart in wide open and simultaneously in turmoil.

Their stories stretch across all aspects of our humanity, from the worst, to the very best. From pain and suffering to absolute courage, extraordinary love, kindness and generosity.

I felt compassion for the parents who had fallen into such heart breaking circumstances that they had lost themselves so much that they could leave their babies in garbage dumps or sewerage ridden streets. That they could leave their 2 year old child alone, in the cold, dark night, never to be seen again. The circumstances that brought them to this point must have been dire also.

Watch your money transform a child’s life for the better

I made a decision not to share the children’s stories, as they are exactly that, their stories to tell one day if they choose too.

I can tell you that within seconds of walking through the door, the children of Kipchamgaa stole my heart. The love and quality of care is instantly obvious through the sea of radiant smiles and glowing eyes.

The Home was built to accommodate 80 children, with the support of people like you, we can provide a loving home and education for another 27 children.

As the police and welfare agents arrive with children beyond our current financial capacity, we can’t turn them away, stretching our resources.

Once a child arrives at Kipchamgaa, their case is heard by the court and they become wards of the home, in most cases for life.
The price of your daily coffee would cover food, water, care, accommodation, love, health insurance and shelter for 1 child for 1 day. (Not including education)

We cannot change the children’s past, but we can change their future.

100% of your donation goes to providing safe passage for the children, quality care, loving staff and carers, food, clothes and education.

I thank you in advance for walking this journey with us.

Much love

Michelle and the Team x