100km for 100 Kids

Friday 7th to 16th of May 2021

In 2017, Michelle Richmond Foundation Board Member, Tina Clark, was trekking with me in the Matthews Range (also known as the Lenkiyio Hills) in Kenya on a 10-day Camel Trek.

Our days started with the sound of a Samburu Warrior nicknamed ‘Creepy’ waking us up with his song of choice and a bowl of warm water to bathe with before the sun rose. After a cuppa, we would set off on our trek across the desert and mountains at the first glimmer of light, walking in silent meditation until breakfast.

One morning, Tina kept hearing the words “100 for 100” in her head. Bemused by what this meant and with days of walking ahead, she pondered. By breakfast the following day, with some contemplation and exploration, the fundraising idea came to her to walk 10km for 10 days to raise money for 100 kids.

By the time we arrived at our breakfast destination, the inspiration to invite 100 people to walk 10km for 10 days and raise $100,000 for 100 kids was born.

On Friday 17th May 2021, 100km for 100 Kids fundraising event will come to life and we invite you to join us. Please click on the REGISTER NOW button below to take part in changing a child’s future today.


• Held between Friday 7th May and Sunday 16th May 2021.

• Walk 100km over the 10 days anywhere you would love to walk.

• Pay $50 Registration Fee (not tax deductable) that covers insurance and admin costs.

• Commit to raising $1,000 (tax deductible in Australia) via sponsorship.

Note that you may walk 15 km one day and 5km the next, the distance each day does not matter, only that you walk 100 kilometres in total.

How do I participate?

Once you have registered for 100km for 100 Kids, you will be guided to  create your own sponsorship page and:

• Invite your friends and colleagues to sponsor you.

• Get your friends, colleagues and team involved. Once they register, they can request to be added to your team.

• Share photos taken while walking on social media and our platforms: #girlthatwalks #100kmfor100kids #michellerichmondfoundation #meetingsthatmatter #walkforfreedom

• Share your Fitbit training results on Facebook.

• Share ideas and innovations that come from #meetingsthatmatter on the 100 for 100 Facebook page and Social Media.

• You can meet up with fellow walkers by putting a shout out on the Facebook page and share your walking experience.


You may even choose to get a team together or meet up with 100km for 100kids supporters and make your walk a little more fun.

However if your new to walking or you have a health challenge and 100km is a stretch for you, your invited to commit to a distance that’s outside your comfort zone and sees you #takethefirststep to better health.

If you live in Sydney or the Gold Coast On the 5th May you are invited to meet the team at a central meeting point and walk together on the final walk, our end destination being The Freedom Hub in Sydney and the Gold Coast.

Do I have to be fit?

The answer is ‘NO’

100 for 100 is about inspiring transformation on the lives of less advantaged kids and in your own life. It’s not a competition but an invitation to stretch yourself beyond your current parameters.

If you are not a walker, you haven’t walked ten km’s before or perhaps your even restricted in your health, this is an invitation to stretch yourself beyond your current parameters and if that means going for your very first walk around the block or park in years then that in itself is a success to be celebrated.

100 for 100 is not only about kids it’s about inspiring healthy habits, connection, conversation and community.

It’s about taking the first step to inspire innovative change in our own lives and the lives of others.



Kipchmagaa Children’s Home

Based in Kericho, Kenya, Kipchamgaa (meaning ‘loving home’) provides safe passage for 53 children who are neglected, abused, exploited, traumatised, discriminated against, or abandoned. It has the capacity to house 80 children but is limited by its resources.

It also focuses on creating freedom from the cycle of poverty through quality education and wellbeing programs. As external education facilities are expensive, the Home would like to build its own school one day in the future.


A few years earlier, when Tina was faced with a health challenge, she started walking 10,000 steps a day, stopping at different destinations around Sydney on the way home from work, exploring the city and improving her health at the same time and her blog, #girlthatwalks, was born. This positive daily habit now sees Tina enjoying good health, often accompanied by others on her daily walks.

This is not just an invitation to raise money for kids in need, but to inspire you to kick-start walking as a new habit of choice, or – if you are already a passionate walker – to invite and inspire others to do the same.

Walking is probably the easiest, simplest, cheapest and most pharmaceutical-free way to delay the aging process and its side-effects...

• Studies reveal that 30 minutes of walking every day can reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, joint aches and inflammation, asthma and even chronic back pain.

• Developing a habit of walking regularly will counter the degenerative effects of aging on the mind, body and brain.

• An American Cancer Society study shows that women who walk seven or more hours a week have a 14 percent lower risk of breast cancer than those who walk three hours or fewer per week.

• A study of more than 1,000 men and women showed that walking for 20 minutes, five days a week, reduced their sick days by 43 per cent.

#elixirofyouth #thechangestartswithyou

LEAD the change with

‘Meetings that Matter’

Did you know that senior execs from some of the most innovative companies in the world – Steve Jobs, the late founder of Apple, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey of Twitter, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner and Virgin Group founder Richard Branson – hold meetings on the go to stay productive, focused and creative.

According to a Stanford University study, walking boosts creative thinking by an average of 60 per cent.

This is an invitation to spark innovation and creativity, and inspire your business colleagues to book ‘Meetings that Matter’, in an effort to inspire healthy habits that lower the impacts of stress, while also supporting mental health, innovation and creativity.

#leadthechange #MeetingsThatMatter


If it has been a while since walking a long distance, it is best to start slowly and build the distance and pace up each day.

• Stretch and warm up before you set off on a walk.
• Be present and enjoy your surroundings allowing the pressure of daily life to stay behind.
• Don’t walk straight after eating.
• Start with a 20 minute walk 3 times a week and build up.
• Your feet should step in a rolling action, heal to toe.
• Swinging your arms freely while walking helps pump your lymph.
• Be mindful of your posture, keep your body straight whilst walking.
• Wear supportive, light weight comfortable shoes with thick cotton socks.
• Cover up and wear non toxic sunscreen and a hat.
• Drink water with a pinch of salt before and after your walk, make sure you always carry water with you.
• Do a few stretches at the end of your walk.
• Monitor your progress and celebrate every incremental step.